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SELETRON is a cutting-edge electronic shut-off nozzle valve that, applied to ARAG nozzle holders, allows the separated control of every single nozzle. The electronic parts embedded in the electronic valve control the actuator and the communication with the computer* via Can-Bus, receiving the opening/closing commands and outputting the information about valve status.



SELETRON allows you to divide the boom in as many sections as the number of nozzles thereby minimizing any overlap and reducing running costs and impact on the environment (Buffer Zone).

SELETRON multiple nozzle holders (twin and fourfold ones) allow you to automatically select the nozzle (or the nozzle set) according to the speed and required instant spray rate (Variable Application).   

Reduced current absorption limited to the time the electronic valve is activated.

One single cable for power and command transmission to up to 96 actuators      

Easy to install, compact size and weight allow retrofitting to upgrade existing machines.  

Installing the valve next to the nozzle ensures the continuous fluid flow inside the boom, with the following advantages:

  • lower dead volume (non dilutable residual)
  • lower external contamination during boom flushing
  • uniform concentration of chemical along the boom, at the beginning of every new spraying job






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