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P1.5 Pressure Sprayer is ideal for the application of weed and pest control products, cleaning and disinfectant solutions used around the home and garden. They are built from high quality materials for long life and performance, with readily available parts for easy servicing. Adjustable nozzle gives control over a fine or coarse spray atomisation. Fine atomisation can be used to provide excellent surface area coverage with the least amount of fluid consumed. A coarse spray adjustment is ideal for the application of biodegradable cleaning solutions. Pumped up to maximum pressure, you can spray for a considerable time without re-pressurising.

P6 & P8 six and eight litre pressure sprayers are built tough for professional operators. They use a plunger pump to pressurise the container and a trigger valve to control intermittent or continuous spraying. Applications for these sprayers is limited only by the imagination and with the many optional attachments available, the potential is endless. They are built from quality components to provide long life and reliability. They have inbuilt measuring jug in the lid and spring loaded pressure relief to prevent over pressurisation.




Image result for hardi BP15  BP15 & BP20 are ideal for the home gardener, hobby farmer, small business and pest control operator. They can be used to apply weed and pest control products in areas with difficult access, for inter-row or large areas such as lawn. Available in 15 and 20 litre capacity they sit comfortably on the back, with adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt. They use a lever operated piston pump with pressure chamber which requires low pumping frequency and is capable of high operating pressure.



HARDI backpacks and handheld sprayers can be completed an customized with a large range of accessories such as different lance extensions (0.37m, 0.5m, 1.00m and 1.0-2.0m telescopic extension), lance booms that can house up to 4 nozzles, cone and fan shields.



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